Fire Emblem Engage gifts guide - Best support gifts for each character

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Alear standing behind Louis before giving him a gift.

This Fire Emblem Engage gift guide works the same as in past games. Beyond unlocking some fun little world-building conversations between characters, increasing support ranks between your favourite units help them perform better on the battlefield, too, rushing to each other's aid and dealing more follow-up damage.

Beyond just having them fight side-by-side, though, one of the best ways to increase the support level between Alear and the people that make up their army is through gifts. Every unit has likes and dislikes, and giving gifts appropriate to their interests can skyrocket your affinity.

For more on the new strategy RPG, check out our essential tips for starting Fire Emblem Engage. And if you've yet to work out one of the more interesting character's unique situation, find out if Rosado is a boy or a girl. It's a bit more complicated than you think, and very endearing.

Fire Emblem Engage gift guide - Best gifts for each character

Spoiler warning: The below list includes characters you may not know eventually join your team. If you don't want the story to be spoiled, either use the Find feature of your browser to jump to a specific character, or use this as a way to max out every character toward the end of the game.
Character Likes Dislikes Hobbies and talents Items
VanderKnitting, cleaning, fruit, quiet places, balls of yarn, writingDistractions, parties, strong odors, oversleeping, folk foodMaking jam, enjoying the quiet, knittingLandscape art,
ClanneThe Divine Dragon, cleaning, studying, cooking, reading, pickles, philosophybugs, exercise, scary stories, riding in vehicles, himself when he's in a bad moodAiding the Divine Dragon, making pickles, and memorizing poetryPhilosophy book, Dragon Scripture, Poetry book, Elyos History, Cute Apron, Spicy Seasoning, Lentil Flower, Fairy-tale book
FrammeThe Divine Dragon, flowers, fashion, exercise, beets, cheering for peopleCleaning, studying, scary stories, difficult books, lectures, the awkwwardness of falling down while aloneDivine Dragon viewing, back handsprings, judging beetsLupine Flower, Desert Marigold, White Clover, Lily, Lentil Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flower Wreath
AlfredComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
EtieTraining, tea parties, flowers, meat, interesting-tasting muscle stimulantsPrecise work, cleaning, sewing, anything she can't do with brute strengthAll forms of exercise, cultivating flowersTea Leaves, Lily, Lentil Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flower Wreath, Muscle Balm, Training Weight, Dried Meat,
BoucheronComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
CelineTea parties, reading, fashion, black tea, birds, flowers, the allies' happinessSpicy food, war, weapons, overwhelming ahppiness, forced positivitityHosting tea parties, identifying teas.Tea Leaves, animal treats, Lily, Lentil Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flower Wreath, Quality Kerchief, Strong Perfume
ChloeComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
LouisTea parties, cooking, flowers, daydreaming, people-watching, grapesCrafiting, spicy foods, sea grapes, poker faces, perceptive peoplePeople-watching, meddling, teaLily, Lentil Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flower Wreath, Tea Leaves
JeanComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
DiamantComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
AmberComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
JadeComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
AlcrystComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
CitrinneComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
LapisYams, crafting, sewing, training, animals, wild grass, salvaged lumberFashion, luxury goods, elegant places, high societyHunting, gardening, hands-on tasks and crafting from scratchRoasted Yam, Sharp Chisel, Animal Treats, Bear Carving, Traing Weight, Muscle Balm, Cute Apron, Sewing Kit, Utility Knife
YunakaWeapon facts, training, reading, music, poisons, lurking in the darkanimals, fariy tales, parties, housework, strong odors, people staring at her of being too inquisitiveKeeping her privacy, impressions, weapon knowledge, and maintenanceUtility Knife, Fancy Dagger, Training Weight, Muscle Balm, Field Guide, Elyos History
SaphirFish, weapons, training, fishing, seafood, yams, dairy, parties, raucous nightsPrecise work, luxury goods, fashion, cute things, weakness, Elusian soldiersComing soon.Fishing Bait, Fancy Dagger, Training Weight,
IvyReading, studying, soft breezes, herbs, quiet places, tea parties, the Divine DragonGhosts, bugs, strong odors, sunburns, parties, loud noises, pushy people, scary storiesComing soon.Tea Leaves, Spicy Seasonings, Sun Visor, Dragon Scripture, Fairy-tale book, Elyos History, Philosophy book
KagestsuWeapons, training, games, contests of skill, worthy opponents, parties, fish, onigiri, Pale Sands foodCleaning missing his country's food, reading, cold personalities, cooking, dairyComing soon.Fishing Bait, Muscle Balm, Training Weight, Fancy Dagger
ZelkovCrafting, reading, staying busy, cooking, graveyards, sewing, precise work, protecting childrenStrong odors, parties, idleness, fairy tales, boredom, despairComing soon.Bandages, Quality Kerchief, Sewing Kit, Sharp Chisel, Bear Carving, Poetry Book, Philosophy Book
HortensiaComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
RosadoFashion, cute things, flowers, parties, drawing, beautiful landscapes, relaxingSunburns, studying, oppressive or stuffy people with no sense of fun, difficult booksSeeking joy, napping, speed drawingSun Visor, Cute Apron, Lily, Lentil Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flower Wreath, Landscape Art, Quality Kerchief, Strong Perfume,
GoldmaryComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
AnnaDairy, luxury goods, crafting, sewing, cooking, festivals, snow, making moneyScary stories, bugs, spicy/tough foods, waking up after dreaming of her familyProduct planning, counting gold, chopping woodQuality Kerchief, Sharp Chisel, Sewing Kit, Roasted Yam, Sheep Wool, Bear Carving,
LindonComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
TimerraComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
PanetteSpicy food, folk food, scary stories, ruins, weapons, gloomy places, bugs, ghosts, meat roasted by TimerraCute things, cooking, flowers, cleaning, etiquette, church, sacred placesComing soon.Spicy seasoning, Roasted Yam, Spooky Scroll, Fancy Dagger, Butterfly Net, Field Guide
MerrinComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
FogadoComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
PandreoThe Divine Dragon, parties, music, games, fairy tales, dairy, singing, groovy believersExercise, training, spicy food, dancing, close-minded peopleComing soon.Dragon Scripture, Fairy-tale book,
BunetComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.
SeadallMusic, meat, fashion, reading, herbs, stars, sweets, the moon, savory foodsTraining, sunburns, waking up early, bitter things, being patient, feeling bloatedComing soon.Dried Meat, Quality Kerchief, Spicy Seasoning, Field Guide, Philosophy Book, Poetry Book
VeyleSpicy food, walking, reading, flowers, games, candlelight, siblings Luxury goods, strong odors, bad dreams, sweets, bright placesComing soon.Spicy Seasoning Lily, Lentil Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flower Wreath, Field Guide, Fairy-Tale Book, Elyos History, Dragon Scripture
SommieAlear, butterflies, soft things, warm things, trying new foodsPeople leavingComing soon.Coming soon.

Use the Find feature in your browser to quickly find a character to gift to, or just to search for an item you may have if you're wondering who might like it.

It's worth noting that the list below is far from exhaustive. You can use Shiny Stone and Pretty Pebble as a wildcard to increase your support with someone by a lot or a little respectively. Everybody loves them.

Another thing is that with any character that mentions a person or type of person, look to pair them up at the Cafe Terrace in some way. For example, Panette likes meat cooked by Timerra, so be sure to have Panette sit down for a meal if Timerra happens to be manning the kitchen. Have her cook up a meat dish and the two will bond very well.

How do I get more gifts in Fire Emblem Engage?

Though you'll only be able to collect gifts like Shiny Stone, Pretty Pebble, and Horse Manure for a long while by just interacting with the glowing spots on the explorable maps like the Somniel and post-fight battlefields, there comes a time where more specific gifts become available.

Once you've unlocked the item shop by the Poolside, you'll see a rotating selection of gifts up for sale. They're available at all different price tags, so just assume the the more expensive the gift, the more Support points they're worth when given to a character who likes that item.

Alear giving Clanne a gift in Fire Emblem Engage.
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How do I give gifts in Fire Emblem Engage?

You can gift a character a gift whenever you're back at the Somniel. Just use the map to find which part of the cozy floating fortress they're in, head there, interact with them, and you'll see the Gift option pop up.

Select a gift you think they'll like, and you'll see a notification pop up if it increased your bond with them. The more enthused they are to receive the gift, the more support points they'll get toward the next rank.

How to spawn a specific character in the Somniel

There's a few ways you can make a character spawn in the Somniel if they're not showing up on the map. It's a big place, but you can recruit too many people to have in the Somniel at any one time, so they'll cycle in and out.

The first thing you can do is simply head back to the world map. Do that, head back to the Somniel, and the cast of characters wandering around will change.

Another way is to head to your room and take a nap to pass the time. Not only will you get a wake-up scene for some unique character interaction, but you'll rotate the Somniel characters and get to view the place in a different light. Once you've unlocked the Fortune Teller, you'll be able to visit it, too, if you change the time to night.

How do I increase Support between two characters in Fire Emblem Engage fast?

Because only Alear can give gifts to characters in Fire Emblem Engage, finding a way to increase the Support level between two different characters can be tricky.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. First off, you'll want to focus on having units share adjacent spaces in battle. Just by being in that cross-shaped proximity with one another, characters will slowly earn support points by engaging in battle and using things like staves to heal each other, and support skills like Chain Guard, Reposition, and Pivot.

It's best to use these skills even if they don't serve a strategic purpose at the time just to build up support. You can even use longer battles with endlessly spawning enemies to spam these actions with the sole purpose of increasing your army's support level with each other.

Another great way to achieve this is to have every character reach level 5 bond with the Corrin Emblem Ring. Easily done by fighting Corrin in the Arena, doing so unlocks the ability to share her Quality Time trait between the whole team, which increases Support with adjacent allies whenever a unit acts or waits. It even heals adjacent allies by 5 HP, making it a brilliant way to heal a tight-knit squad each turn.

For a few more points for the game, be sure to look at our tips page linked at the very top of this guide. And if you're curious what we thought of the game during our time with it, our Fire Emblem Engage preview covers the first eight chapters, with our review coving the whole thing without any spoilers whatsoever.

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