Gamers are debating whether games like Mario Kart and Pentiment need a suplex mechanic

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Mario and Pentiment's Prior Ferenc being suplexed.
Credit: WWE

While the majority of the fighting game genre and even the Yakuza series have long been venerated for their ability to offer the player a range of ways to excel in unarmed combat and unleash killer wrestling moves on unsuspecting foes, not every title you’ll fire up will offer you that same privilege.

After all, some games are more about finding a solution via peaceful means or sniping your foes from two hundred feet away using a sniper rifle.

That said, this hasn’t stopped some gamers on ResetEra from trying to put together a list of suplexless games that they think might benefit from having the ability to unleash the move, with some rather strange choices taking centre stage.

Do you feel the need to suplex your way through the residents of Tassing and Kiersau?

The thread containing their suplexing dreams began with a post from user Spring-Loaded, who asked: “(Which) game without a suplex would be best with a suplex added?” and set up a poll with a few examples of games they think fit that billing.

Said poll, which has amassed 103 total votes as of writing, is currently being led by Mario Kart, which has hoovered up 44.7% of the vote to eke out a commanding advantage over second-place Pentiment, which sits at 20.4% and JRPG series Atelier, which is third with 18.4%.

In the comments a number of users nominated games not featured in the poll, with Aurica declaring: “I wanna suplex killers in Dead by Daylight.”, Pyro suggesting: “Hopefully Armored Core 6 has one, giant mecha suplexes would be cool to see.” and y2kyle89 asking: “How much better would Elden Ring be if the riposte/critical animation was actually a suplex?”

Meanwhile, some users plumped for having the option to use suplexes in rather wholesome games, with Benzychenz saying: “Animal Crossing for sure. If a villager is annoying and in my way, instead of just being able to hit them with a net or whatever, I should be able to suplex them. It just makes sense.” and phant0m adding: “Tom Nook better watch his (antics) unless he wants to catch hands.”

On a similar note, user platypotamus advocated for adding the move to the arsenals of farming games, declaring: “When you plant a seed in Stardew Valley, the animation should be (you) suplexing the seed so hard it gets buried.”

Regardless of whether you’re desperate to bring a taste of AEW to your agriculture, make sure to follow us for coverage of plenty of games that likely will feature suplexes, such as Like A Dragon 8.

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