Bully 2: Bad News For Rockstar Fans As Jimmy Hopkins Voice Actor Gives Sequel Update

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The rumour mill surrounding the release of Bully 2 continues to move.

It is widely believed that developer Rockstar Games is planning to release a sequel to the hugely popular title which originally released back in 2006.

The game was well-received by fans but was met with its fair share of controversy thanks to the extreme levels of bullying which players could perform throughout the duration of the game.

 While fans have waited for nearly 14 years for any information regarding a possible second instalment in the series, new evidence has suggested that the likelihood of a sequel is looking slim.

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According to VGR, Jimmy Hopkins voice actor Gerry Rosenthal has not been approached by Rockstar to reprise his role in a sequel, suggesting that the developer may not even be working on a sequel.

Rosenthal made the claim during an appearance on the Awfully Irish podcast.

If Rockstar were planning on making Bully 2, not re-casting the voice of the main protagonist in the game seems like a strange decision.

Is Bully 2 Happening?

Although this looks like a major setback, there are still plenty of teasers appearing which are implying that a sequel is still on the cards.

The interview in question did take place in July, so there’s every possibility that the situation surrounding Rosenthal’s involvement and the development of the game could have changed.

If a sequel is in development then there’s always a chance that Rockstar has opted to use a different actor for the voice of Jimmy Hopkins.

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As rumours keep on coming to fruition, the ball lies in Rockstar’s court regarding the release of Bully 2. The demand is clearly there and if Rosenthal does voice Jimmy Hopkins once again, fans of the original will certainly be happy!

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