Vampire Survivors Queen Sigma - How to unlock more characters

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Vampire Survivors Queen Sigma - how to unlock more characters

Vampire Survivors Queen Sigma will likely be the very last character you will unlock in the game. Here's how to unlock her and how to get weapons for your other characters. The game can be pretty huge and will need you to jump through some hoops but it is worth it.

As well as going over how the Queen Sigma works and why people care about her so much, we will go over how to unlock secret characters and what you should know about the game's cheats. They are needed to unlock some of the characters.

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How to unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors, you have to complete all entries in the collection. This is quite a hard feat as you need to unlock every character, do every challenge, and complete the game. You can see every entry in the collection here.

Vampire Survivors Queen Sigma - how to unlock more characters
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Queen Sigma can not pick up Golden Eggs like all the other characters and, therefore, can not get the stat boosts others get. She makes up for it with the "Victory Sword" starting weapon and huge buffs to her initial stats. She favours the Candybox, receiving this from the merchant instead of Golden Eggs.

Kill 100,000 enemies in a single run to make Victory Sword unlockable for any character. When fused with Torrona's Box, this becomes Sole Solution.

How to unlock Vampire Survivors secret characters

Outside of the character you get from just playing the game, there are tonnes of characters you can get from a secret cheat menu. If you can't be bothered finishing the entire collection to earn Queen Sigma, you can actually use a cheat code to unlock her instead.

To get the cheat code menu, you have to get the Hyper Mode for all the original maps. You do this by beating the boss that appears at the 25 minute mark in every stage. Once you have beaten one, go through and do them all. This will unlock a secret map called The Bone Zone.

As well as having all the components of a standard map, it has a very special boss that can be found under a question mark on the map. It is a rolling pile of bones. It is fairly slow and easy to take down, as long as you are patient. It will take you quite some time.

After this, you will have access to the secrets menu. You can see all the Vampire Survivors cheats right here. To get Queen Sigma, just type in 'allatonce'.

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