When is Uncharted 4 Coming to PC

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Sony has recently revealed details about an Uncharted 4 port coming to the PC platform soon. The whole Uncharted series has long been known to be a PlayStation exclusive. When will Uncharted 4 arrive on the PC.

Leaked from Sony

According to official Sony presentation, Sony has listed that Uncharted 4 is next to be ported on the PC in their “Investor Relations” meeting today. Officially, Sony has yet to make a statement about the Uncharted 4 release date and other info on PC.

So far, the leak also notes that Sony is planning to release Uncharted 4 to enjoy a similar success with Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC release. While many fans note that the port had problems on release, Sony made a profit on putting the title on PC.

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Uncharted on the PC

Previously, players who wanted to play PlayStation exclusives on the PC had to do so through the PlayStation Now platform. Similar to Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass, it was a game streaming service that required subscription fees to use.

Some Uncharted titles have been playable on the PlayStation Now platform. The streaming platform requires players to have a consistent internet connection. However, many players still prefer to own and download the game into their own PC.

Epic Games and Sony Exclusives

As of late, many Sony exclusives have been ported to the PC through the Epic Games Store. Titles like Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human, and Days Gone were previously PlayStation exclusives that can now be bought on PC online stores.

If proven true, the Uncharted series has a potential to be a strong title to sell on PC. The Uncharted series has been repeat contenders and even taking some Game Of The Year awards throughout all of its entries.

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