Days Gone on PC releases May 18, gameplay revealed

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Days Gone is getting an awful lot of attention this month.

Aside from being free to download and keep with PS Plus in April, there's also been quite a lot of talk about Days Gone 2.

Most of which has centred around the games possible sequel pitch being rejected by Sony, despite including Co-Op multiplayer elements. Despite this, we've also seen more positive stuff, like fan petitions vying for a sequel. Which if nothing else shows how truly beloved the game is.

Although just because Snyder Cut exists don't take it that everything which people create a petition for will come to fruition.

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Instead, though, players could choose to replay the game on PC, with Sony today announcing Days Gone will come to Steam and Epic Games Store on May 18, 2021.

Want to take a look at some shiny new PC footage and new features in action? Well here you go:

As you can see, the new upgrades from Sony Bend go some way to breathing new life into the epic journey of Deacon St. John.

If you want a more thorough run-through of the new features that will be launching with the game on May 18, here's a full list.

21:9 Ultra-Wide Monitor Support

Take on the relentless Old Sawmill horde with 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support. Come across various enemies in this harsh open world including humans, wildlife and feral creatures known as Freakers, with unlocked framerate. Fighting hordes that range up to 500 Freakers at one time has never felt so real.

Mouse And Keyboard Controls

Traverse the vast Farewell Wilderness with our new display customization options that include increased level of detail, foliage draw distances and graphical customization. Play Days Gone the way you want to play. Use 1st and 3rd party controllers, or ride the Broken Road with input support for mouse and keyboard.

Photo Mode & More

Capture the realistic and detailed world of Days Gone through the new super resolution photo mode. Share your photos with us across our Bend Studio social channels; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Days Gone's Deacon St. John throwing a Molotov at zombies
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Captured on PC using ultra-wide monitor support

Days Gone on PC will release May 18, 2021 on a range of digital retailers, including Steam and Epic Games Store.

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