Watch Dogs Legion: Map And Location

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Watch Dogs Legion takes the leap across the pond and lands in the heart of England, London, for its third instalment and the location of the gameplay.

Previously, games were based in North America with Watch Dogs set in Chicago and the sequel set in San Francisco. 

The game will depict England's capital in a futuristic post-Brexit metropolis, where gangs and rival factions battle on the streets.

Here's everything you need to know about the location and map for Watch Dogs Legion.


The Watch Dogs Legion map will encompass a wide area of London – the official website describes it as “a massive urban open-world”, where you’ll be able to visit all the famous landmarks.

Mass unemployment, an ineffective government, and a brand new private security firm called ‘Albion’ are causing riots on the streets of London.


Based off of this, you can expect disruptions that will help keep the gameplay within a certain perimeter.

In this post-Brexit world where society, politics and technology have changed and altered London, you’ll get to build up a team of resistance fighters.

London is a rather suitable location for Watch Dogs, as the city has one of the highest surveillance levels in the world.

Furthermore, the contrast between modern culture and the old architecture make for a great visual experience.


Ubisoft released a gameplay walkthrough at E3 2019, featuring 46 minutes of uncut gameplay footage. 

Watch Dogs: Legion will let players explore London in a futuristic “post-Brexit” world, where London’s fortunes have been altered by politics and technology.


However you want to play and whoever you want to be, Watch Dogs: Legion lets you do that.

Every individual you meet in the open world has a full set of animations, voice-overs, character traits and visuals that are guided by gameplay systems.

There are also classes that you can file your agents into, heightening the tactical way you build a team. 

There’s the enforcer, infiltrator or hacker – each of which has a variety of perks to equip, meaning that you can really customise your play style. 

A leaked product listing has also described Watch Dogs Legion‘s gameplay, suggesting that players will be able to utilise traditionally Non-Playable Characters to assist their hacking schemes.


As it stands, there is no official map.

However, it's likely to be very similar to a map of London in real life, but with a few tweaks to allow for smooth gameplay and to keep things confined to a video game.

Release Date

While Watch Dogs Legion’s initial release date was set for March 6, 2020, Ubisoft announced that it will be pushed back.

All we have been told is that it will now release at some point during the 2020 – 2021 fiscal year - beginning on the 1st April



So why the delay? According to some media, apparently Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s poor reception has Ubisoft reconsidering the level of polish needed for launch.

Guillemot said that Ubisoft wants to ensure the “gameplay innovations” for each of its games “need to be perfectly implemented in order to offer an optimal experience.“

While this delay is rather disheartening for the players who were eagerly-anticipating Watch Dog’s upcoming launch, it is not the end of the world.

The game’s developers will now be able to deliver an experience that stands closer to their vision, ironing out all the creases and adding the finishing touches that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

When it does officially launch, it’s expected to land on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.  It’ll also be available through Ubisoft’s new Uplay+ subscription service. 

Considering how close we are to the launch of the next generation of titles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it wouldn't be a shock to see this to be delayed until the end of 2020 or early 2021.

The vague date is probably a smart move on Ubisoft's part to allow for Microsoft and Sony to battle it out for exclusivity rights and ensure that they can capitalise on a new console.

One issue they may face is that not every gamer will immediately switch over to the next generation, perhaps opting to still maintain a 2020 release and re-launch once the new consoles arrive.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91