Watch Dogs: Legion Will Not Receive Any Further Updates From Ubisoft

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Watch Dogs: Legion was one of the first next-gen titles available and a little over a year, after release, Ubisoft has announced it will no longer support the open-world game. Over the weekend the developer announced that they have released the final Watch Dogs: Legion update for the game, thanking fans for playing the game and announcing what lies in store for the online players.

The announcement was made on Ubisoft’s official website (thanks Pure Xbox), where they discussed how much Watch Dogs: Legion has grown from its launch. Despite receiving its final update, Season 5 Stripes has launched for Watch Dogs: Legion, with numerous rewards for players to get.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Received Its Final Update From Ubisoft

In addition to Season 5 Stripes, Ubisoft has promised to cycle between Seasons 3, 4, and 5 for players who missed out on certain Watch Dogs: Legion rewards. Cosmetics like Aiden Pearce’s jacket from the original Watch Dogs along with Jackson’s mask and clothes from Watch Dogs 2, were revealed as some of the rewards that players could earn.

Currently, the future of Watch Dogs isn’t known as this franchise doesn’t have yearly releases like Assassin’s Creed does, so it will be interesting to see what Ubisoft does with the series moving forward. Watch Dogs: Legion came out to average reviews, with critics finding the mechanic to play as multiple protagonists interesting but far from groundbreaking.

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