The Forgotten City: How To Find the Cure for Rheumatism

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The Forgotten City. Archway entrance to living area. The archway is at the bottom of a set of stairs. There is a handing plant on one side of the opening and a flame-lit torch on the other.

While you are trying to figure out who will break the golden rule in The Forgotten City, you will help some residents too. Lucretia is filling in for the missing city physician but there is only so much she can do on her own. After you help her find a cure for her friend Lulia, she will ask you to find another and it's slightly more complicated to get. This is why we're going to show you how to find the cure for Rheumatism to complete the "A Thorn in The Paw" mission.

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How To Find the Cure for Rheumatism

There are two ways that you can get your hands on the rheumatism cure. One way will be quite quick and you will be able to do that way without completing any other quests. The second way is quite a lot longer. It requires you to complete another quest and then go on a rather lengthy one, but if you enjoy combat then it's worth doing the long one.

The Quick Way

After finding out that you need to get a cure for Rheumatism from Lucretia in Apollo's shrine, head out of the shrine and back to the time loop portal. On your way back to there, keep an eye out on your right for an archway at the bottom of the steps. Head through this archway and you should see that it's an area filled with small buildings/rooms for people to live in.

Use your torch for light as it's quite dark in here. At the rear of the area on the left, you should see some wooden steps with a golden statue on them. Walk up these steps and head into the room on your left. When you enter the room, keep walking straight until you enter a smaller room with a bed in it. To your left in the corner, there should be a wooden crate.

The Forgotten City. A room in the housing area. There is a bed at the back on the right, there is a chest on the back left. To the left of the room is a desk
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Walk up to this crate and interact with it. Follow the prompts to take the key from the crate. Once you have the key, head back out of the area and back to Apollo's shrine. When you walk through the doors of the shrine, stop and look to your left. There should be a golden box. Use the key to open this up and get Naevia's medical notes out of it. They should tell you that the cure for Rheumatism is Willow Bark.

Head back out of the shrine and find Lucretia (she should be on your right). Tell her what you have found.

The Long Way

You can get a key for the medical box in Apollo's shrine from Naevia herself. We have a guide that shows you how to get into the palace and find Naevia as it's quite a process. However, once you have the key you will need to head back to Apollo's shrine and open the box. Take the notes and then go to speak to Lucretia, she will tell you what to do next.

Find Rufius

All you will need to do after speaking to Lucretia is to find Rufius. Open your quest menu and choose to track the "A Thorn in the Paw" quest if. When you have done this, press the button that prompts the whispers to help you and they will guide you to Rufius. When you find him, head over to him and start to speak with him. All you need to do is choose these two options when you're talking to him:

  • About your Rheumatism
  • I figured out a treatment...

He will soften after this and thank you. You can continue to talk to him or walk away and save that for another time. You will have completed the "A Thorn in The Paw" mission.

Helping people that may be suspicious of is a part of life in The Forgotten City. Often, helping these people will allow you to learn more about them and if they are truly capable of breaking the golden rule. We have a guide that shows you how to stop the assassin, a person who will break the golden rule. We also have one that shows you how to get the treasure behind the golden statue.

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