The Forgotten City: How To Get Wine

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The Forgotten City. A chest with a bottle of wine next to it, hidden on a ledge in a cave. The wooden chest is in the middle and the orange bottle of wine is lower on the left.

In The Forgotten City, you are tasked with figuring out who will break the golden rule that will bring an end to the city and its residents. Along the way, you meet numerous characters that need your help and quests that you will need to fulfil to learn more about the potential culprits. On the quest to get Malleolus to step down from the election, you meet his wife who will give you some incriminating evidence if you give her something in return. We're here to show you how to get wine to get the letter off of Claudia.

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How To Get Wine

Quick Way One

To get wine the quick way, you will first need to get the golden bow by entering the palace and finding Naevia. Once you have completed that quest, you will have the golden bow and you need to head back to the portal. On your way to the portal, from the palace, you should see that the path splits into two. One path continues leading up to the portal and the other path starts to slope down.

You need to follow the path that slopes down and it will take you to a body of water. Jump into this body of water then look to your right. You should see some green algae in the water near the rockface and there should be a chest sitting on a ledge. All you need to do is equip the bow then shoot the algae to turn it gold. Once it's gold, pull yourself up onto it to use as a platform and pull yourself up again to get onto the ledge with the chest. The bottle of wine will be to the left of the chest. Taking this will not break the golden rule.

Quick Way Two

Head straight to the back of the room that looks like this (where Aurelia's Tavern is):

The Forgotten City. An area filled with rooms and Aurelia's Tavern. The room is being lit by a torch. There are pieces of cloth handing from the ceiling near the back.
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You should come to a doorway. Head through the doorway and you should see this:

The Forgotten City. Back room behind tavern room, statues are blocking a small brick room and there is an archway with steps leading upwards to the right.
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From here, head up the stairs to your right and follow the pathway on your left (the path that goes the same way that the golden statue is facing). If you keep following this path you should find a wooden hut. Inside the hut there will be a chest. Open this and you can take the wine and Denarii without breaking the golden rule.

The Long Way

There is a long way to get the wine for Claudia and it's the way that she mentions when she asks for the beverage. You need to get the wine off of Aurelia but before you can do this you need to do two things:

If you have both of these, then you need to find and speak to Lulia. When you speak to Lulia, choose the following options:

  • I want to grift Aurelia...
  • I want the last of her wine...
  • Thanks, I'll see if that works

Lulia will then tell you that Aurelia has a preference for rich people and this is how you can get the wine off of her. Head to Aurelia's Tavern. You can find her Tavern by going through the archway at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the portal. As you enter through this archway, her Tavern is on the right (if she isn't here she will be around this area somewhere). Also, if you have already spoken to Aurelia in this time loop you cannot get her wine. You will need to make sure that this is the first time you speak to her. If you have explored the room above the Tavern, you will need to reset the day by a time loop again for this to work.

When you find Aurelia and she is receptive to you, follow these choices to get her to give you the wine:

  • I guess you've never met anyone as fabulously wealthy as I am
  • I have more than ten thousand Denarii on me
  • Choose Malleolus
  • I think he'll be more amenable to "tributes" than Sentius
  • Sounds good to me, let me take that off your hands

All you need to do now is follow the conversation and pick any options that you like. No matter what you choose, Aurelia will be annoyed with you and you will have the wine without breaking the golden rule. Once you have the wine, you can continue on your quest to get Malleolus to drop out of the election.

There are many things that you need to do in The Forgotten City and often, you will need to be the one to break the golden rule to get where you need to be. We have a guide that shows you how to stop the assassin, another mission where you must break the golden rule. Also, we have one that shows you how to get the treasure behind the golden statue once you break the golden rule.

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