The Forgotten City: How To Get the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Mystery Plaques

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The Forgotten City. The greek plaque is in the back lefthand corner of Duli's cell. It is on a wooden table. There is a bucket to the right of the table. There is a wooden duck and soft toy in a bowl in front of the table.

Outside The Great Temple in The Forgotten City, there is an obelisk but it soon becomes clear that there are four plaques missing from it. To be able to reach one of the endings for the game, you must collect and return all four of them. We're here to show you how to get the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Mystery plaques.

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How To Get the Greek Plaque

The Greek plaque can be found in the cell where Duli is imprisoned. To get to the plaque, you will first need to figure out how to free Duli. Once Galerius orders Horatius to free Duli, follow Horatius and wait for him to open the cell. Once Duli has wandered out of the cell you need to quickly rush in and grab the plaque. It can be found on the lefthand side of the cell near the back. You need to be fast for this one as Duli will break the golden rule soon after he is released.

How To Get the Roman Plaque- Option One

To get the Roman plaque you will first need to get Silphium Resin and give it to Lucretia to save Lulia. Once you have done this, speak with Lulia to learn about her pact with Ulpius. Follow our guide on how to save Ulpius until he jumps. Once he jumps, wait for Octavia to turn around and speak to you. After she finishes talking, you will need to follow behind her as closely as you can. She will lead you through a small cave to a secret shrine. The shrine will be sealed off by a gate and it will only open as Ocativa walks through it (this is why you need to be right behind her).

When you are inside the shrine, look to your right and you should see the Roman plaque on the table. Take the plaque. You can either leave by shooting the vines above the table with a golden bow or you can take the key from next to the gate and exit that way.

How To Get the Roman Plaque - Option Two

There is another way to get the Roman plaque if you've already saved Ulpius but you will need have found a way into the palace and found Naevia to have the golden bow. To do this, you will need to head to the back of the slums (the archway to the left of the bottom of the stairs that lead down from the portal). Walk to the back of the slums until you come to a room that looks like this:

The Forgotten City. The back room at the back of the slums. There is a small building with gold statues in it and a set of stone steps on the right that lead to another area.
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Head up the stairs to the right and follow the path to the left. Keep following this path past a wooden hut and you will come to a dead end. From here, follow the path to your right and you should come across a family of golden statues. At this point, you should head to your right again and you should see a small opening in the rocks. You will need to crouch to walk through here. Once you are on the other side, you should see some green vines that are growing up a wall. Shoot these vines to turn them gold and then climb up them. When you are at the top, you can jump down into the secret shrine and grab the plaque off the table. You can get back out by stealing and using the key beside the gated entrance to the shrine, or you can turn the set of vines leading back out into gold and climb up them.

How To Get the Egyptian Plaque

Before you can get the Egyptian plaque, you will need to have found a way to figure out what happened to Livia. Also, you will need to have the golden bow. Once you have done this quest, you should head towards the rear of the market. On your right, you should see a building that looks like this:

The Forgotten City, the outside of the building next to collapsed shrine. There are four thick white columns outside it, two flame-lit torches on the steps and a golden statue to the right.
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Head in here and go to the right of the statue in it. If you look down to your left, you should see a secret entrance that is covered by some wood. You need to crouch to enter this. Once you are in the secret tunnel you will be able to stand up again. Follow the path around until you come to an area that looks like this:

The Forgotten City, the underground home of the Hermit Philosopher. It's a dark cave that is dimly lit by flame-lit torches. Wooden planks have been used as bridges across vast gaps. The Hermit is sat in the middle.
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Head over to the man and talk to him. Tell him you know who is responsible for the golden rule and then follow his conversation. You can say what you like to him throughout the conversation as your answers won't matter much. Once the conversation has ended and you get more options, you should ask him "where can I find Khabash?". After you ask him this, he will tell you some important information and give you a key.

Head down to your left from speaking to the philosopher and you should find a gate. Use the key to unlock the gate and head in. Follow the path around until you come to a section with water in it. To your right, there will be a mummy in the water. Shoot this with your bow to turn it into gold. Once you have dealt with the mummy, head through the hole in the wall to your left. This will take you to a large locked door. At this point, turn around and you should see some wooden planks that can be used as a bridge. Follow the path again until you come to a set of large steps that lead down. Head down the steps and through a set of doors.

There are many mummies in the water, so the best bet is to instantly walk up the path to your right and follow the steps until they lead you to a house. On the house, there will be a plaque that reads "The many shall suffer for the sins of the one" but this is not your plaque. From facing the inscription, there will be a ramp up the side of the house on your right. Follow this up and then continue to follow the path. (Be careful not to fall into the water below).

Once you are on the other side, keep following the path until you are brought to Khabash.

The Forgotten City. Khabash is standing in front of a large hole in the ground in the catacombs. There is an Egyptian statue behind and slightly above him. There are four flame-lit torches around him
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When you speak to him, you need to choose the following options:

  • I'm just looking for an Egyptian Plaque
  • I want to return it to the obelisk

Khabash will then hand over the Egyptian Plaque but he will start talking about the mystery plaque.

How To Get the Mystery Plaque

After you find Khabash and get the Egyptian plaque, he will instantly start talking about the Mystery Plaque. You can say whatever you'd like to him at this point because the result will always be the same. He will throw the plaque down a hole and you will need to jump down after it. You will land in water and all you have to do is dive down to get the plaque.

Once you have the plaque, you will need to find your way out. To do this, climb out of the pool and run to the next area with water. Follow the path to your left. Once it winds around to the right, run until you see a gap to your left. Jump into this gap to avoid being crushed by a boulder. Keep following the path forward until you come to a gap on the right. Move into the gap quickly or you will be crushed by another boulder. Continue to walk through the gap to get to another area with a large ramp at the back of it. When you are in here, Khabash will stop you again.

To get through this conversation, choose these options:

  • There's no need for this to end in violence
  • Just hear me out...
  • There's no shame in building on the work of people who came before you
  • If Gods exist...
  • Isn't being a good person...
  • Even if your beliefs...

Follow the rest of the conversation until he backs down. Once he does, follow the path up the ramp and you will find your way out.

Once you have the plaques, it is up to you what you do next in The Forgotten City. We have guides that can help you through multiple quests including one that shows you how to stop the assassin. Also, we have a guide that shows you how to get to the treasure behind the golden statue.

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