Spyro Glides In As Part of the Season 3 Crash: On the Run Crossover

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The PS1-era snarky dragon who absolutely deserves an all-new Toys for Bob game, is crossing over with his old pal yet again. The long-awaited Crash on the Run Spyro event is here as part of its Season 3 lineup.

After over 10 million downloads and close to 1 million reviews on the Google Play Store alone, the dragon in training has officially arrived to the popular runner game. The two have teamed up extensively over their 25-year history, and this is the just latest show of their everlasting friendship.

The Spyro x Crash on the Run event was teased on social media for days in a "Who's that Pokemon" style reveal, but with people guessing things as bewildering as "Batman" and "Lucario eating a chocolate bar", the silhouette magically span out to reveal it was merely a Crash Spyro skin. What else did you expect?

When Does Spyro Arrive in Crash: On the Run?

There has been a bit of a mixup when it comes to the exact timing of Spyro joining the mobile runner game. The big social media reveal stated one time, whereas the game stated another. In the end, the game was deemed correct: Spyro lands in Crash: On the Run starts just about now, 11 AM UTC, June 10.

Crash on the Run Season 3 Rewards and Skins

Until the big crossover officially begins, all we know of the Spyro x Crash on the Run event is what the Battle of the Dragons in-game banner tells us.

"Spyro is trapping our realm and it's up to us to help him return to his dimension. Unlock special rewards, new skins and gain access to exclusive challenges and runs."

According to a supplied press release, Dark Spyro and Gnasty Gnorc are confirmed to be the season's main enemies. After opening a portal to the Dragon Realm at the end of Season 2, these two big bads have entered the Crash on the Run world, taking over three Spyro-themed worlds.

A 12th land, Upstream, has been added, and Crash fans will get to face off against N. Gin and Koala Kong as well.

The Spyro event in Crash on the Run should have just about something for everyone. Skins for collectors, challenges for hardcore players, and one of the most iconic characters in all of gaming.

That should be enough reason to try out a game that surprisingly didn't exist during the Temple Run days.

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