Is Babylon's Fall Coming To Nintendo Switch?

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Babylon’s Fall was first unveiled in E3 2018 by Square Enix. But it was just this year’s edition of E3 where a gameplay trailer for the upcoming game was revealed, showing what fans could expect about what the game can offer.

Additionally, fans also wonder if the game would be available for the Nintendo Switch platform since the only confirmed platforms for the game do not include the Switch.

Keep reading to know if Babylon’s Fall will be coming to Nintendo Switch or not.

Is Babylon’s Fall Coming To Nintendo Switch?

As of the moment of the writing, Square Enix is still quiet whether the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch or not.

The only platforms confirmed for Babylon’s Fall were for the PS4 and PC which were originally revealed during the time of the game’s first announcement in 2018.

It was then followed by an announcement that the game will also be coming for the newer PS5 platform.

But for Switch, we still have to wait for Square Enix’s official announcement, as well as for other possible platforms such as the Xbox consoles.

Rest assured that we will update you immediately once an announcement or leaks about a possible Babylon’s Fall launch for Nintendo Switch will be revealed.

Babylon’s Fall Gameplay Trailer

You might want to look at the official Babylon’s Fall gameplay trailer released in this year’s Square Enix E3 which happened just last June 13, 2021.

That’s it! Follow us for more Babylon’s Fall news and updates.

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