Is Babylon’s Fall Coming To Google Stadia?

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The release date for Square Enix’s Babylon’s Fall is still undetermined, although a new trailer for the game was shown in E3 2021, signifying that the game is currently in the works.

Although a consolation somehow was also announced, and the platforms where the game will be available were already revealed. And these are the PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

But some still wonder if it will also be released as a game in Google Stadia. Is it happening or will happen once the game drops commercially?

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Is Babylon’s Fall Coming To Google Stadia?

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation whether Babylon’s Fall will be coming to Google Stadia.

Square Enix has yet to announce an official statement if there would be other platforms in the future that will cater Babylon’s Fall, which may include Google Stadia.

Babylon’s Fall On Steam?

The game will also be available to Steam, and closed beta for the game will be done in the near future.

You may follow the link here to sign up for the closed beta access of Babylon’s Fall.

Babylon’s Fall Trailer

You might want to watch the official trailer for Babylon’s Fall.

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