What are the division differences in Pokemon Stadium?

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Want to know what the differences are in Pokemon Stadium divisions? With the game being re-released on a new platform after almost 25 years, you may have forgotten this information. And if you haven't played it before, you'll want to read up on the difference with our guide before you punish yourself with the rough road ahead.

Our guide will go over the details about each of the divisions, and what the key differences are between them. We'll also talk about how you can unlock the different divisions so your progression through Pokemon Stadium is as smooth as it can be. It's not an easy game, and being caught off-guard can really knock you down.

Pokemon Stadium divisions differences explained

In Pokemon Stadium, there are many things to do in the game. One of the main battle grinds stems from the following different cups.

  • Pokeball
  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Master Ball

Each cup has four total divisions, increasing in difficulty. In order to unlock the next division of the cup, you simply need to beat the previous division.

The main difference between the divisions is that the trainers will have stronger Pokemon with more competitive movesets. For example, in the PokeCup, a trainer in the PokeBall division may have a Nidoran(f) on their team, whereas in the Great Ball division, that same trainer might have a Nidorina.

In round 2 - an unlockable difficulty - the same divisions, but the Pokemon and AI continue to get harder as you go through the different cups.

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