Horizon Zero Dawn Remake release date speculation, multiplayer, and more

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Horizon Zero Dawn Remake release date speculation
March 3, 2023: We have checked over all of our information.

Speculation about a Horizon Zero Dawn remake release date have been flying around. It seems like this is just one more step in a trend set by games like The Last of Us Part One.

As well as this, we go over what could change, a potential price point and the rumours of a multiplayer mode. Originally, there were plans for a multiplayer mode in Horizon Zero Dawn but it appears to have been cut mid-way through production. This could hint at a multiplayer mode or game in itself.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Remake release date speculation

As of right now, we don't really have a good timeline for when this could release. This is due to the unconventional way we have received the information in the first place. Originally reported by MP1ST, someone close to the project has claimed the remake is currently underway. Despite this, we have no clue how far along in development it currently is.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remake release date speculation
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As well as this, we don't really know if it's a full remake or just a high-effort remaster. Going off the like of The Last of Us Part One, we imagine it will release just a few months after its official announcement.

As of right now, we could be a year or two away. It will all depend on what kind of content they plan on adding to the remake.

What's new in Horizon Zero Dawn remake?

This report was then corroborated by VGC, who further claimed that the remake will add "accessibility features, graphics modes and quality of life improvements to the gameplay itself."

It seems like they are aiming to create the definitive experience with the game, really pushing what the game is capable of. It will also place it in-line with the technical feats of Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Multiplayer

Alongside this report came a claim that the team are also focusing on some sort of multiplayer component or counterpart to the game. As it's still in development, this could change with time. It seems more likely to be a standalone game, rather than an added mode but it could be a potential extra onto the next Horizon game. The gap from Horizon Zero Dawn to Horizon Forbidden West was pretty large so it seems like we're quite some time off seeing what this multiplayer mode is.

We don't have any extra details but it seems likely it could be based on the game's tribes, having you and a team take on another tribe, using traps and building new arrows on the go. This could play into the tech dinosaurs to have players hunt down creatures to upgrade their weapons mid-match.

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