EA’s new studio may develop a Star Wars open-world game

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EA has been the face of Star Wars video games since the closure of Lucas Arts. Currently, EA has created four Star Wars games, only one of which is truly unique. The unique game was Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which many have felt is EA's best Star Wars game.

With Star Wars being open to any and every game studio, many others have come up to battle EA for the top spot. EA seems to have taken the competition seriously because they have started a new studio which appears to be just for Star Wars. To lead this studio, they've hired someone well known for their work on open-world games, leading many to believe that EA is going the extra mile.

What will EA's new studio focus on?

According to Gamesindustry.biz, Kevin Stephens, previously known as the Vice President of Monolith Studios, will be heading the new EA studio. Monolith Games is best known for its Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor series, an open-world action-adventure game eerily similar to Assassin's Creed.

As the unnamed studio will exclusively focus on action-adventure games, Stephen's joining the team is noteworthy. The studio hasn't started running just yet, but they will begin working on titles soon. EA does not want to waste their time with Star Wars, so maybe they are going back to an old canceled game.

The Star Wars game that was canceled is an open-world title.

EA canceled an open-world Star Wars game in 2019. The reasoning given was that the studio needed to focus on games that wouldn't take as long to release. Since then, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons have been made.

Now EA is opening a new studio that can devote time to the project headed by an open-world genius. It makes a lot of sense to assume that this was to gain ground against Ubisoft. Ubisoft is currently working on its own open-world Star Wars game.

Ubisoft announced its intention to release an open-world Star Wars game in January. This could have sparked EA to think about their options. EA just released Squadrons, so they have time to work on an enormous open-world game to challenge Ubisoft.

The fans would end up the winners because two Star Wars open-world games would be the best thing to happen since LucasFilms Games came back to life. Currently, the titles of the new developer studio led by Stephens are unknown, and it may be years before we see anything from them, but we can still be hopeful.

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